Easi Meche Price
Short £88.50
Long £94.50


Half Head Meche Price
Short £78.50
Long £88.50


Parting Meche Price
Short £68.50
Long £73.50


Full Head Colour Price
Short £80.50
Long £87.50


Tint Re-growth Price
Short £76.50
Long £83.50


Semi-Permanent Colour Price
Short £70.50
Long £78.50


Toner £16.50


Fashion Colours From £96.50


Perms Price
Short £82
Long £92


Spiral Perm additional £10


All Colours and Perms are inclusive of a Wash , Cut and Blowdry


£10.00 deduction without a Cut or Perm when receiving a Colour treatment.


* skin patch test is required 48hrs prior to all colouring services, eye tinting and 3D lashes

VIP treatments!

 Colour on the go: colour fresh..This is quick easy and low commitment service, plus you can take home shade available to keep your colour looking refreshed longer £12.99

Playful tones: Perfecton..

Add shine-vitality and a keratin boost with a tonal twist to any hair type. £8-£12

Refresh fix: colour fresh & perfecton as a mix tone.. reboot your colour and generate intense shine. Bring your hair back to life with a bespoke colour shot gloss.

The power to shine: Colour touch relights /00.. add sparkle and light reflection into shine shy hair. Showing your hair at its most beautiful and glossy best. £10

Glamour gloss: illumina glossing.. luxury glossing services, combining hair colour, condition and crystal shine. Giving your hair the VIP treatment is deserves. £16.50 – £20